Why You Need Our Sofa Cleaning Service
Why You Need Our Sofa Cleaning Service

Did you know that carpet cleaning isn’t all we offer? We also provide a service for sofa cleaning Liverpool home owners love. If you’re in need of sofa cleaning, Liverpool Carpet Cleaner should be your first phone call, whether you have a leather or fabric suite. We’re guaranteed to be able to bring your furniture back to its former glory AND at a fantastic price.

If you’re unsure whether to have your sofa cleaned or not then please read on as we lay out a few of the reasons we think you really need our sofa cleaning service!

Sofa cleaning saves money!

Sometimes you have to spend money to save it. Wondering what we mean? Well think about it like this; if you’re sick of the sight of your sofa, it’s look a bit tired, it’s picked up a few stains over the years and it’s just generally bringing down the look of your lovely living room, you’re probably considering buying a new one. How much will that cost?

Our sofa cleaning service will quickly restore your suite to its former glory and remind you exactly why you bought it in the first place. For the price of a quick visit from us, you could get another few years out of your existing couch and save yourself a few bob in the process.

Top tip: if you invest in annual sofa cleaning, Liverpool Carpet Cleaners could dramatically slow down the ageing process of your living room, so don’t leave it until it’s already looking old and tired!

It’s eco friendly and chemical free

We don’t need chemicals to clean. In fact we are able to provide the best sofa cleaning Liverpool has ever known, especially because we don’t use a chemical cleaner. Instead, when you book us, whether it’s to clean your sofa, your carpets, your mattresses or all of the above, we’ll turn up with our state of the art steam cleaning machine and clean your home furnishings so deeply that the transformation will be instant.

We’re able to clean leather and fabric. We work quickly and, when we’re done, your sofa will be safe to sit on right away. We advise that you leave it a while to dry off but you don’t need to worry about breathing in anything nasty, the only thing we use to clean is water. By heating water into cleansing steam, our specialist steam cleaning machine cuts through grease, obliterates stains, and leaves your furniture looking new.

Gentle on your furnishings, gentle on your lungs, tough on stains – that’s us!

The deepest sofa cleaning Liverpool has ever seen!

Do you know what nasty germs and bugs are lurking in your sofa? It really isn’t nice to think about. With the whole family, probably including the dog, using the sofa on a daily basis, it doesn’t take long for your average sofa to accumulate dust, even if it manages to avoid stains.

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, having your sofa and carpets regularly deep cleaned by us could make a pretty dramatic difference. Many people are allergic to dust mites, whether they know it or not. One deep clean by us will rid you of them completely. Sofa cleaning isn’t something you should reserve for the odd time that someone drops their dinner and leaves a stain!

Convinced? For sofa cleaning, The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner can be booked online or by calling 0151 601 5270.

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