The Ten Commandments of Liverpool Carpet Cleaning

Lay Down the Law from a Liverpool Carpet Cleaning Company

When you want to protect your carpet against muddy feet, crazy dogs, messy children and other guests you need to follow the Ten Commandments from Liverpool’s best carpet cleaning company. When it comes to your floor you want to make sure that your carpet stays in tip top condition. Make messy carpets a thing of the past and let your guests know you mean business when it comes to keeping your carpets as clean as can be. Sure you may lose a few friends with your no mess attitude, especially when tackling them at the door to remove their shoes, but what are friends compared to having a gleaming carpet anyway. Lay down the law and don’t be afraid to enforce with, this these top rules for a fabulous Liverpool carpet clean .

1. Thou shalt always lay a plastic sheet down when drinking red wine

2. Thou shalt always get to a stain as soon as possible (even if it means throwing granny down with a karate chop)

3. Thou shalt always keep Henry the Hoover hard at work at least three times a week

4. Thou shalt always carry baking soda in your pocket for emergency spills

5. Thou shalt always leave wellies at the door

6. Thou shalt always have a mat that says please be sweet and wipe your feet

7. Thou shalt always use rugs under heavy furniture to protect the carpet

8. Thou shalt always go armed with a light detergent and hot water spray for tough stains

9. Thou shalt always lock the dog outside after a muddy walk

10. Thou shalt always call the Liverpool carpet cleaner when stains get to tough to handle

We have saved the best rule for last; don’t delay when that stain starts to get out of control, call Liverpool carpet cleaners and let us come armed and ready to tackle your floors today.

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