The Stain Removal Service your Carpets Need
The Stain Removal Service your Carpets Need

Remove Stains from your Carpet with Professional Carpet Cleaning
Did you know that more people search for a stain removal service around Christmas than at any other time of year?

It’s hardly surprising.

During the festive season you are statistically more likely to fall asleep holding a glass of red wine than you are at any other time (ok we haven’t really collected the stats but we have cleaned up our fair share of the results so it’s an educated guess).

If your carpet does fall foul of an accident this Christmas then please heed this small piece of professional advice – if you try to remove stains from your carpet only to make them worse, stop what you are doing immediately and contact a stain removal service like ours.

We don’t say this to get ourselves more business.

We say it because we’ve seen many a homeowner (and many a renter in fear of losing their deposit) make an easy-to-remove stain way worse while trying to make it better!

Why Stain Removal Services Do it Better

You could spend a week trying all manner of things to remove stains from your carpet to no avail.

We have seen people use bleach and destroy their carpets, scrub so hard that they leave a thin patch and just plain fret so much that they have worked themselves into a panic before contacting us – a professional carpet cleaning service with a specialist stain removal service.

If you reach out to us as soon as your carpet becomes stained then the chances are that we can reassure you of our ability to fix the spill and you can sit back in the knowledge that our stain removal service will be with you very soon.

If you Google and subsequently try out a host of home made remedies, there is a chance that we will be less able to help you by the time you do pick up the phone (though of course this is rare – more often than not our stain removal service can leave carpets as good as new).

How Do You Remove Stains from Carpets?

Believe it or not, most often we use steam.

It doesn’t always take harsh chemicals to clean a carpet .

What it does take is professional carpet cleaning equipment and a bit of know how.

If we are able to, depending on the severity of the staining, we’ve steam clean your whole carpet leaving it immediately safe for pets and children and dry within a few hours.

If you are based in Liverpool and find yourself in need of a stain removal service for your carpet or upholstery, give us a call .

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