The Birth Of The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

The Birth Of The Liverpool Carpet Cleanercarpet cleaning liverpool

The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner has a past that you might not expect. To tell this story we must first go back in time, to a beautiful part of the world called Glasgow…

One night  The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner, Will Phillips was fast asleep in bed. All of a sudden he was abruptly roused from his slumber by a voice in his head. A wave of confusion and fear swept over Will as he tried to make out exactly what the strange voice was saying. “Clean Carpets…. Clean Carpets.” Remembering the small Iron-Bru stain on his living room carpet Will decided it must be his conscience telling him to clean up the mess. His first thought was to call a carpet cleaning company but as it was the middle of the night, and he was wide awake anyway he made his way down the stairs. Had Will decided to ignore the voice and go back to sleep the face of Liverpool carpet cleaning would be very different.

As Will approached the stain he noticed it had dried into an unusual pattern. Almost like a human face. Putting this vision down to being tired and groggy Will began to scrub the carpet. Happy with the result in the stained area Will went on the clean the rest of the carpet. ‘Carpet cleaning isn’t so bad’ Will thought to himself as he walked from the kitchen where he’d just put the kettle on. What Will saw next changed his life and the lives of all those who every day srcy on Liverpool carpet cleaners.

The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner Meets The Goddess Of The Rug

The damp carpet had begun to dry and the face he had seen in the small Irn-Bru stain was now emblazoned across the whole of his Livingroom carpet. Rubbing his eyes in disbelief Will took a step back and bumped into a solid figure behind him. Quickly turning around Will was face to face with Carpetinia, Goddess of the Rug! Carpetinia told Will that he was the chosen one. His carpet cleaning powers were desperately needed in Liverpool and in order to fulfill his destiny he must move there immediately. Carpetinia told him that more information would follow and vanished into thin air leaving only the sweet scent of fruity, organic carpet cleaner. The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner was born!

Once The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner had established a successful and thriving carpet cleaning company in Liverpool he waited for more instruction. Uneventful days, weeks and months went by until one day he had two very special visitors. The Liver Birds perched on his window sill and congratulated Will on his amazing carpet cleaning skills. They told him that although cleaning the carpets of Liverpool was a noble crusade he must expand his Wills carpet cleaning brain works

They told him that Liverpool carpet cleaning should go above and beyond the call of duty and it was Carpetinia’s wishes that he clean ovens, driveways and furniture too. No job should be too big or too small and only eco-friendly techniques should be used.

From that day on The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner has been offering a wide range of cleaning services to people all over Liverpool. When someone needs to book a Liverpool carpet cleaner Will is there. Ready and waiting with determination and passion, blessed by the Goddess of the Rug!




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