The Best Carpet Cleaning Questions
The Best Carpet Cleaning Questions

Carpet cleaning – some of the most frequently asked questions

In the carpet cleaning business, questions are thrown at us on a daily basis and they range from the weird to the wonderful, with everybody asking different things that suit their sometimes very individual requirements.

At the Liverpool Carpet Cleaner , we do what we can to ensure all of your questions are answered and we want you to feel assured that you’re in the very best of hands when deciding to get us on board to give your carpets a good cleanse.

Our question and answer service is a great way to help you make your decision, and we answer all questions competently and promptly. We set the service up in order to engage with our customers at the earliest point and we want you to get a feel for our genuine, personal service that is totally tailored to your requirements.

Here are some of our top carpet cleaning questions, as well as some of the not so frequently asked ones…


Q. I have woolen carpets throughout my house, and I want to make sure I’m cleaning them right so that they last. Which is the best way for me to clean my woolen carpets?

A. A suction hoover is always recommended for woolen carpets, and spot cleans as and when necessary.

It is not advised to get your woolen carpets saturated and any form of deep cleanse should always be left to the professionals on carpets such as this.


Q. My pets have used my carpets as a toilet the odd time and whilst I’ve spot cleaned them, I don’t feel like I’ve completely removed the remnants – can you help?

A. Don’t worry – yes we can! It is part of the territory with pets that they like to poo in the places you don’t want them to, but our equipment can remove any stains and odors, as well as sterilize the place that they have decided to adopt as a makeshift potty.

We also recommend putting down protective sheeting if your pet’s toilet habits have become a problem for you.


Q.  Will my carpet shrink?

A. We can’t help but laugh every single time we are asked this question – images of shortened carpets flashing their floorboard and underlay underwear always come into our heads.

Fortunately, your carpet will get to keep its modesty and it is very rare for it to shrink. Shrinking occurs when the backing gets wet, and our system is completely low moisture, virtually eliminating the possibility of your carpet shrinking.


Q. Are you insured?

A. Don’t worry – we are fully covered with public liability insurance and if, by any chance you are injured by any of our equipment or work, you are completely covered.

Not that we think this will ever be an issue – we don’t fancy ending up on one of those dodgy “have you had an accident” adverts…


Q.Is it true that cleaning my carpets once will mean that they will get dirty more often in the future?

A. Only if you get the cowboys in – Yeeeee Haaaaa!

When detergent is left in the carpet, chances are that it will soil again really easily – lucky for you we are superstar cleaners and don’t leave any of this behind – we steam to ensure that your carpets don’t get dirty any faster than they did before you had them cleaned.


Q. If I get my furniture cleaned, how long will it take to dry?

A. We recommend not planting your bum back on the couch for around 6-12 hours, depending on the material of your furniture.

Our experts on the day will tell you how long to let the furniture dry for.


If you have any questions that have not been covered and would like to know the answer please email us and we will feature them in our next video #askthecarpetcleaner .

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