The benefits of eco carpet cleaning
The benefits of eco carpet cleaning

Or ‘why we do what we do’ by the jolly green carpet cleaner!
Some people search for eco carpet cleaning because their priority is the environment. Others might like the idea of being eco friendly but, asked to make a choice between this and getting their carpets thoroughly overhauled, would take a clean home.

Thankfully, when it comes to carpet cleaning there really is no need to make a choice. Eco friendly carpet cleaning also happens to be the most thorough and effective way to get the job done.

Our eco carpet cleaning methods

We clean carpets, rugs and other types of flooring, including tile and stone, using just one thing – steam.

We’re known as Liverpool’s green carpet cleaner because we don’t bring any chemicals into your home. We turn up with our turbo powered, professional strength eco carpet cleaning steam machine and that’s all.

Our electrical generator is in our van, so we won’t add to your energy bill and we only work in the local area so even our fuel consumption is srcatively low.

As well as doing our bit to save the planet, by employing eco friendly carpet cleaning methods and operating in a small geographical area, we save money as well.

Naturally, we pass those cost savings onto our customers.

The results of eco carpet cleaning

If you have allergy or asthma sufferers in your home then our eco carpet cleaning could help to lessen their symptoms. Dust trapped in carpets leads to dust mites and those pesky little critters can heighten or even cause allergic reactions.

A deep cleaning, using our steam machine, will rid your carpet of dust mites , as well as pet hair, stains and anything else that might be lurking down there unwanted.

Following a visit from Liverpool’s green carpet cleaner your flooring will look visibly clean, smell fresh and be well rid of anything that was previously being harboured between its fibres.

What’s more, chemical free eco carpet cleaning is child and pet safe. Your carpets will be a little damp for a few hours after they have been washed but perfectly safe to walk, sit, crawl, lay or roll on right away, with no toxic chemical fumes or residue.

If you can’t stop the baby or the dog getting back in there you’ll have nothing more to worry about than a slightly soggy bottom.

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of eco carpet cleaning call us now to find out about you low prices and you soon will be.

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