Tackling the top Halloween carpet stains!
Tackling the top Halloween carpet stains!

We’re not trying to put you off throwing a party this Halloween but forewarned is forearmed! Every year we get the inevitable emergency bookings for Halloween after party cleaning and it’s very often for the same reasons in every case.

The things that most often get dropped and spilled on the carpet at Halloween include:

Fake blood and face paint

It’s rare that you get 5-year-olds running around with a full face of makeup, so inevitable at this time of year that face paint finds its way into strange places. Then there’s the fake blood. Dark, red and drippy by design, this is every parent’s nightmare when discovered on the floor the next morning!

Tomato ketchup

Get enough children in a room together and universal law states that tomato sauce will make its way onto the rug. Everyone’s favourite thing to clean out of the shag pile rug…NOT!


Trick or treating can be messy business and it’s too cold to keep them all in the garden afterwards. Do your best to remove everyone’s shoes when they come in for the party but, unless you’re careful, you could still end up with mucky footprints through the house. We see it every year.


Too much trick or treating can take its toll on the best of them. That’s all we’re going to say about that one!

How to approach tough stains on the carpet

If you get down to the Halloween after party cleaning only to find one of the above items has left its mark on your carpet, don’t panic! Also, very importantly, don’t rub. The worst thing you can do to a carpet stain is try to scrub it away. This can damage the fibres of the carpet and cause the mark to become permanent! Soapy water on a clean, white cloth can help in many cases but always, always blot. If that doesn’t work, call us in. We’ll more than likely make short work of the stain removal and your carpets will look better than they did before it!

Book your Halloween after party cleaning in advance

We know that you probably don’t want to think about Halloween after party cleaning until after the party but we’re coming at you with a gentle suggestion – why not book a carpet clean now , for the days after the party? If you know in advance that your carpets are getting a thorough once-over then you’ll be able to srcax a lot more at the party.

There will be no need for emergency booking, you’ll know that you can guarantee we’ll be free on the day you need us and that you’ll have your place looking and smelling fresh in the lead up to Christmas. In fact, don’t think ‘Halloween after party cleaning’ think ‘pre-Christmas cleaning’. Why not throw a Halloween party to celebrate!

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