Top Rug Cleaning Services in Liverpool
Top Rug Cleaning Services in Liverpool

A rug can be a focal point in any room – adding colour, pattern, and comfort – but they can also be dust and dirt magnets! Maybe you’ve had a trusty rug for years that’s been passed down through generations and accumulated a lot of dirt and dust. If you’re srcuctant to throw out your old beloved rug or you like to keep your rug in immaculate condition, then our quality rug cleaning service in Liverpool will remove the toughest of stains.

Bringing Your Beloved Rug Back to Life

That feeling of walking on a fresh fluffy rug is heavenly but, after a while, rugs can lose their fluffiness and can become a droopy mess in the centre of your room. Maybe you’ve had parties where the rug has doubled as a dancefloor with spilled drinks discolouring and fading its vibrancy. If so, you need powerful cleaning technology to revive your luxurious rug.

Stains can settle deep beneath the fibres of your rug which can be hard to remove, particularly if you have a shaggy pile rug. Regular at home vacuuming and cleaning solutions are not enough to thoroughly remove these stains so that your rug has a chance of survival. You need professional cleaning that reaches deep beneath the fibres but does not affect the design or quality of your rug. For this type of cleaning you only need one thing, the quality rug cleaning service by The Liverpool Carpet Cleaners.

Natural Cleaning Methods

We believe in being as natural as possible with our cleaning methods to really give your rug the clean it deserves which means no harsh chemicals, so put that shop bought harsh rug cleaner down right away! These type of cleaning solutions will eventually strip your rug of its natural qualities, its vibrancy and luxuriousness. To retain the colour and the quality material of the rug no chemicals are allowed! The best option is to use steam cleaning, which is the method we use on all of our carpet and rug cleaning jobs.

rug cleaning service

We have powerful steam cleaning equipment which lifts the toughest of stains right from the base. If removing stains without chemicals sounds too good to be true take a look through our before and after pictures and you won’t believe your eyes either!

Steam cleaning is also friendly to the environment and we don’t use any of your water or electricity. We won’t disrupt your busy daily life as your rug will be dry in no time!

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