Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service In Liverpool
Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service In Liverpool

Your sofas and other cushioned and textile furniture are just as important as your carpets and when it comes to keeping them clean we all need a professional helping hand as it can be difficult getting tough, set in stains out of your lovely upholstery. Your upholstery can often be the centrepiece of a room so it’s important to keep them as fresh and clean as possible.

However, we all know it’s not so simple to keep them in the immaculate condition that they arrived in as little ones, pets and daily life get the better of it and before we know it our lovely cream sofas are a shade darker and covered in crayons, pet hair and dirt. If this sounds a lot like your situation, do not despair as there’s life in the old sofa yet and we can easily restore its condition with our professional upholstery cleaning service in Liverpool.

So, how do we remove these stubborn stains?

It’s a good question as you’ve probably experienced trying to remove these stains with household cleaners with no luck, so you’re wondering how we’re any better at doing this. Well, it all starts with putting the harsh, toxic cleaning solutions down and preserving the quality of your upholstery. Household cleaning solutions take a long time to remove stains and will damage the material in the process.

Upholstery collects dirt and dust quite quickly and they gather in the fibres beneath the surface making them difficult to remove. If you’re also guilty of not cleaning spillages as soon as they happen you also have set in stains to contend with, but who wants to spend hours scrubbing sofas with little effective results in return?

With The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner you will instantly see effective results without even breaking a sweat! That is because we do all the work for you with our professional upholstery cleaning service. This service involves using natural products to remove dirt, dust and stains. If you think natural methods are not as thorough or effective as potent chemicals, think again as it’s our number one method for all types of household cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the way forward if you want to retain the quality of your upholstery whilst thoroughly removing dirt and stains. Our state of the art steam cleaners lift dirt and stains from deep beneath the surface and remove every trace. It’s not only an effective method of cleaning upholstery, it’s eco friendly too! No harm will be done to the environment or your health with steam cleaning.

Still not convinced about the effectiveness of natural cleaning methods? Take a look for yourself below.

leather couch cleaning

As you can see we have drastically improved the look and condition of this once tired and old sofa with not a chemical in sight! With the help of professionals you will have lighter, brighter and more comfortable upholstery in no time!

Book professional upholstery cleaning in Liverpool today!

If this all sounds like something your upholstery is in desperate need of, then do not hesitate to contact the cleaning experts at The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner. Book this service today by calling 0151 601 5270.

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