Professional furniture cleaning from The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner
Professional furniture cleaning from The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

Eco friendly upholstery steam cleaning
We offer more than our signature carpet cleaning services here at The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner . From tiled floors to upholstery, the chances are that if it’s a difficult to clean surface around your home we will be able to work our magic to get it looking fresh. Our professional furniture cleaning service can be used to rid leather and fabric alike of years of dirt.


What we cover with our professional furniture cleaning

As well as carpets, tiled floors, wooden floors and rugs, we also offer leather and upholstery steam cleaning.

Our professional furniture cleaning is, more often than not, used to provide a thorough deep clean of those items around the home that receive heavy use and are difficult to clean without professional assistance, such as sofas and chairs.


Why choose leather and upholstery steam cleaning?

Our sofas and chairs take a lot over the years. Most of us eat on them regularly and csrc up on there with our pets. The kids might put their feet up with shoes on and then there are spilled cups of tea, dropped drinks and all manner of other offences, before you even consider the dust that is an inevitability of life.

Despite the odd wipe over, it is almost impossible to really deep clean most couches, especially if they are leather. That’s where we come in.

Our professional furniture cleaning service uses nothing but steam – a safe, chemical free but incredibly effective cleaning method – to get right down into the fibres of your sofas and chairs, ridding them of grime and dust.

Along with the dust goes the dust mites. We’re often told that one of the biggest things people notice after engaging our furniture or carpet cleaning services is that they can breath more easily in their home. That’s because more people than you realise are allergic to dust mites – the organisms that are found anywhere where there is dust.

Our upholstery steam cleaning gets rid of them completely, so if you or any member of your household suffers from allergies or asthma, the benefits of professional steam cleaning could be more than just aesthetic.

Of course, the aesthetic benefits of professional furniture cleaning are pretty impressive too. Believe us, if you’ve had your couch for more than a year or two you may not have noticed but it will almost definitely have subtly changed colour over time! Take a look at our gallery images and let us restore your furniture to its former glory.

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