New Year Carpet and Furniture Cleaning
New Year Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

Get Clean in 2017
When the soft, festive glow of candles and fairy lights has been once again swapped for the glare of ‘the big light’, the grubbiness of our soft furnishings can begin to come into focus and it can be clr to see your in need of a professional carpet and furniture cleaning.

Our homes take quite a battering throughout the festive season.

If your carpet and furniture need cleaning post party then you’re not alone.

We offer our signature carpet cleaning , naturally, but we can also be gainfully employed to undertake steam cleaning for furniture as well.

So whether you need us to steam clean your upholstery, your carpets or both, why not get in touch now and start 2017 squeaky clean?

Why a Steam Cleaner for Furniture and Carpets?

Put simply, you can’t beat steam when it comes to carpet and furniture cleaning.

People use all manner of chemicals to clean around their homes.

As surfaces, clothing and furnishings dry the fumes from those chemicals are breathed in or absorbed through the skin.

They might not be dangerous in small doses but they are not doing anything good for you either.

When it comes to carpet and furniture cleaning we see no need for chemicals – and we say that speaking from years of experience.

Good old water and heat are all that’s needed.

We steam clean upholstery and carpets in a way that is safe, eco-friendly and incredibly effective.

Do I Need Professional Carpet and Furniture Cleaning?

The first thing we do when we’re asked this question is ask in return, have you ever used professional carpet and furniture cleaning?

If the answer is ‘no’ then yes, you could really benefit from our services.

If you had your carpets and furniture thoroughly cleaned for Christmas then the chances are that, unless you had some serious spillages, you won’t need the place doing again so soon after.

Christmas alone, no matter how hard you partied, is not enough to build up years worth of dirt and dust mites .

If, however, you haven’t invested in steam cleaning for your furniture or carpets in the last 12 months, particularly if you have allergy sufferers or pets in your home, then again carpet and furniture cleaning would be a worthwhile expenditure.

Remember that you and your family walk, climb and sit on your furniture and carpets every day.

You sweat into your mattresses every night, these things are designed for their respective purposes, of course, but if you want to keep them clean then you need a service that gets deep into the fibres on at least a semi regular basis.

That’s what we do.

It’s what we do well and we do it in a way that means your kids and animals can safely lie, climb and sit all over your home without breathing in fumes right after we leave.

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