Office Carpet Cleaning That’s Kind to the Environment
Office Carpet Cleaning That’s Kind to the Environment
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What do you take into consideration when looking for office carpet cleaning ? Almost definitely you’ll want to opt for a carpet cleaner with competitive prices and track record of srciability. But have you considered the environmental impact of carpet cleaning? Possibly not and it is definitely something worth keeping in mind.

The implications for chemical cleaning

It stands to reason that any time harsh chemicals are used, there is an environmental impact, however small that might be. If yours is a business with a focus on carbon footprint, every little helps and opting for an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaners is a step in the right direction.

Of course, the cleaning products used in your space also have implications for the work environment. There are carpet cleaning products out there that require people to stay out of the room for a while post-clean, to avoid breathing in the fumes. It is likely that there will still be traces of those fumes in the air even after the allotted time. Chemicals are also more likely to cause allergies and irritation than more gentle alternatives. Even when they’re only used on the floor, they evaporate into the atmosphere and if they’re not ‘friendly’ to the wider environment, they’re definitely not friendly to the immediate office environment in which you and your colleagues work.

Luckily, there is a better way to clean carpets and it’s kinder all round, except to dust mites.

The alternative office carpet cleaning method

At The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner we use just one thing to clean your carpets. Steam. It’s as simple as that. No chemicals involved and no damage to the environment or the lungs.

The reason that we use steam is not it’s eco credentials, it’s the fact that it does a better job than any chemical cleaner out there. We use an industrial steam cleaning machine for office carpet cleaning and it leaves carpets looking and smelling like new. It also completely eradicates all dust mites ; the microscopic organisms that live in every carpet and are responsible for causing or exacerbating most allergy symptoms that people feel when indoors. You can’t do better than that you can’t want more than that, can you?

Actually yes, you can.

Price and track record

As we mentioned at the beginning, most people want at least two things from the company providing them with office carpet cleaning – a good price and a track record of doing a good job. Here at the Liverpool carpet cleaner we offer both.

Simply get in touch by calling 0151 601 5270 and tell us your requirements to be provided with a free, no-obligation quotation and you will soon find out that our prices are hard to beat.

As for track record, our happy customers have plenty to say about that. Here is one testimonial and you will find plenty more clients who liked us so much they agreed to say so on camera, see for yourself on our website.

‘The results were fantastic. They were prompt, professional and so much so I’d love him to come back and clean the carpets in my house.’

Andy Cotton, Managing Director, Concept Hygiene

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