Looking for professional leather cleaning in Liverpool?
Looking for professional leather cleaning in Liverpool?

Call us for a leather sofa cleaner
Leather furniture is incredibly popular and incredibly long lasting but it is not the easiest thing to keep clean. Perhaps you couldn’t resist a beautiful cream leather sofa but it’s cleaner days are now behind it.

Maybe you opted for a sensible darker coloured leather and yet somehow stains, grease patches and scratches are showing up on it anyway.

If any of this sounds familiar the most effective thing you can do is to book a professional leather cleaning service.

Why not just buy leather furniture cleaner?

Do you know how many of our customers bought and tried a bottled leather furniture cleaner before finding it didn’t do the job and deciding to call us? Neither do we – we don’t count them or anything – but it does happen pretty often.

Cleaning leather isn’t an easy DIY task. If you want to keep on top of day to day dust then perhaps, but look at some of the before and after pictures on our website. You will just never get those kinds of dramatic transformations with a packet of wet wipes, even if they are marked ‘leather cleaning wipes’.

What can professional leather cleaning achieve?

Professional leather cleaning can have a truly transformational effect on your furniture. Take white and cream leather sofas. They don’t stay their original colour for long. Even blue jeans can leave their mark.

Smoking, spills and just general day to day life will soon begin to show on a light coloured leather three piece suite but that doesn’t mean that buying one is a bad idea. It just means that if you do buy one you should plan to budget for a srcatively inexpensive professional leather sofa cleaner every now and then.


If you happen to be based in Liverpool, we are at your service .

Professional leather cleaning can quickly and easily:

  • Remove scratches
  • Restore light coloured sofas to their original shade
  • Get rid of stains
  • Remove discolouration
  • Transform the look of your living room, by making the largest items in there look, feel and smell fresh and clean

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