Did You Know About Our Leather Cleaning Services?
Did You Know About Our Leather Cleaning Services?

We’re Not Just Experts With Carpets!
If you thought we were just about carpet cleaning think again; we have professional leather cleaning services on offer!

While we are in your home treating your carpets and rugs to a makeover, we can also set about cleaning your leather furniture as well.

With our carpet cleaning and leather cleaning services combined we could breath a new lease of life into your whole living room in one afternoon!

The Fine Art of Cleaning Leather Furniture

If you have a leather three piece suit that looks as though it has seen better days let us reassure you – so has the owner of pretty much every leather suite that hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

As gorgeous as leather furniture is it is prone to picking up scratches, grease marks and stains and notorious for being difficult to clean yourself.

Professional leather cleaning really is the only way to tackle most stubborn marks that accumulate on leather furniture.

If you’ve ever attempted cleaning leather furniture yourself this is something you probably already know because, in fact, some of the marks we are asked to remove are ones created by people trying their best to clean their own furniture!

We don’t recommend tackling tough stains and scratches on leather furniture yourself, nor would we suggest using chemical products.

Cleaning leather furniture requires know how, the correct equipment and a few, mild eco friendly products.

That is all.

So if you are in need of leather cleaning services it is easier and surprisingly economical to call in the professionals.

Eco Friendly Leather Cleaning Services

The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner offers chemical free, eco friendly professional leather cleaning services.

This is more of an important consideration than you might think.

Even if your usual approach to cleaning goes something like ‘bleach it to within an inch of its life’ do you really want harsh chemical fumes radiating from the place where you, your family and your pets spend so much time srcaxing?

Of course you don’t.

We promise that our leather cleaning services are second to none.

You only have to take a look at some of the before and after leather cleaning pictures on our website to see what we mean.

When it comes to cleaning leather furniture we will always get the job done – meeting and surpassing your expectations.

We will leave you with a piece of leather furniture that you basrcy recognise and are proud to display AND we’ll do all that without the use of harsh chemical treatments.
Professional leather cleaning services – naturally;
give us a call.

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