In need of carpet cleaning services for Valentine’s Day?
In need of carpet cleaning services for Valentine’s Day?

Let’s get fresh for the 14th
If you’re planning a romantic night in this Valentine’s Day, how much thought have you given to the cleanliness of your home? Is it about time you opt for our carpet cleaning services?

It’s a lot easier to feel the love in a clean, sweet smelling house than it is in one that looks decidedly grubby.

So if you are planning a cosy night by the fire, why not contact us in advance and book our carpet cleaning services prior to the big day?

Carpet cleaning, with love from the Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning services definitely are not the most romantic thing on the Valentine’s Day agenda but they could be an important one.

If you’ve ever owned a light coloured carpet you’ll know how quickly dust and dirt accumulate on the flooring.

If you own a darker one, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, simply that it’s not as easy to see.
If you’re planning to, ahem, spend a little time on the rug with someone special in the coming weeks it might be a good idea to ensure that it is
dust mite free.

A kiss from a dust mite vs carpet cleaning services

Regular carpet cleanings are important to rid your home of dust mites.

Now you may be feeling ‘I’ve got along well enough with dust mites for this long so why bother?’ but that may not be completely true.

Do you suffer from allergies or asthma?

Do you often find yourself with a stuffy nose, particularly in the house? If so then the chances are that dust mites are exacerbating the situation and that you will notice an improvement in your symptoms following a thorough carpet cleaning .

The benefit of carpet cleaning companies

Even if we’ve sold you on the merits of a good carpet cleaning you may be wondering why you can’t just do it yourself.

Well, you can.

Of course you can.

However, our professional carpet cleaning services are so economical that most people, on balance, decide to call us in instead of using their own elbow grease.

We use eco friendly, pet friendly, child friendly cleaning methods that leave no chemical residue in your home. In fact, all we’ll use to clean your carpet is steam, the most cost-effective cleaner there is.

Within a few hours of us leaving your carpet will be dry and safe for crawling babies and snuggling pets.

If you would like to book our carpet cleaning services between now and Valentine’s Day
get in touch soon to ensure your appointment.

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