How to Stop your Pets from Soiling the Carpet
How to Stop your Pets from Soiling the Carpet

Keep your carpets clean

There’s not much better than a freshly cleaned out, with everywhere gleaming and your carpets scrubbed right through by your favourite Liverpool carpet cleaning company… until your furry friend comes along with other ideas…

However, whilst this may be a very frustrating time for you, there could be many reasons why your little bud has decided that your carpet is their new favorite place to let loose, and it’s important to look at all possibilities and solutions before Rover is sent to sleep outside in the kennel in the rain, as well as try some preventative measures. Here is our guide on how to stop your pets from soiling the carpet. 


Speak to your vet

First things first – if your pet is older and has been house trained for quite some time, it is really important that you take it down to the vet for a good check-up.

Illness or injury are big causes of your pet becoming seemingly naughty and both factors need eliminating before you try any home remedies to get your pet away from your carpet, and back to their old toilet habits.



Have you changed your pet’s food recently?

A change as simple as this can trigger them to go in the house, as your pet’s stomach will be srcatively sensitive and used to the food you give it each day.

It is always wise to do some research and possibly speak to your vet before you change your animal’s food, or little animal accidents such as pooey presents on the carpet could be a recurring thing.



Address any behavioral issues that you think your animal may have.

Many pets feel anxious when their owners leave the house and this is what causes them to go to the toilet; possibly finding a crate to house the animal in when you aren’t in could be a good solution to prevent them from going on the carpet, as they will feel safer in a crate, and won’t have the opportunity to go on your carpets from a place that is contained.



Is your pet still a baby? If so, you need to be persistent with your training and be aware that accidents on the carpet whilst your animal is still being house trained is completely normal and should be expected.

If you have a dog, puppy pads are a necessity to train effectively and will catch everything in one place. Start by putting them somewhere on a hard floor, then eventually move them closer and closer to the outdoors, where your dog will get used to going.

Cats tend to be a little bit higher up on the intelligence scale when it comes to being potty trained, as they learn completely from their mothers when they are kittens. Keep litter boxes near the back door and move them gradually outside, encouraging your kitty to start getting used to going to the toilet outside.


Keep litter boxes clean for cats

Cats are notoriously clean animals and they like their litter boxes to reflect this; would you like to use a dirty toilet?

If your litter box is dirty and hasn’t been emptied for a few days, your cat will refuse to use it and opt for a cleaner place to go instead, which could evidently be your carpet!

Keep it clean and you shouldn’t have a problem.


Use a blacklight

The naked eye won’t be able to detect any urine if your dog has been marking the carpet – use a blacklight to keep an eye on your carpeted areas and block their access to problem spots if the marking keeps reoccurring.

Get carpets professionally cleaned to ensure that all of the smell and marking is removed from the carpet, as leaving it there will encourage the dog to do it again.


What did you think about our guide on how to stop your pets from soiling the carpet? Do your pets use the carpet as a toilet? Do you require a professional cleaning service to clean up them stains? Call today on 0151 601 5270 and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page

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