How to Spot a Carpet Cleaning Scam


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Carpet cleaning scams are on the rise so it seems and we know that when it comes to that hard to remove stain you need honest and srciable help from a Liverpool carpet cleaning company. You may be staring at your screen in disbelief and wondering how the heck you can get caught out in a carpet cleaning scam and why anyone would bother with a carpet cleaning scam. The truth of the matter is that people love their carpets and want to protect their investments. Carpet cleaning services can be wonderful if you choose the right carpet cleaning company in Liverpool and this is exactly what we can help with. Take a look at how you can spot a carpet cleaner scam operating in your area.

High Pressure Sales

Door to door salespeople always have a bad reputation and this is certainly for a reason. Let’s be honest a good carpet cleaner in Liverpool doesn’t have to go banging from door to door to try and drum up business, even if it is a tough economic climate. Avoid those that come bearing high pressured sales techniques and once in a lifetime offers when it comes to carpet cleaning services.

A Simple Surface Clean

This is a hard scam to spot and it comes in many shapes and forms and even accidentally from professional carpet cleaners in Liverpool. This refers to the process of a pro carpet cleaner showing up to do the work, you returning only to find a clean as a whistle carpet. You shake hands; they leave a day later that dam stain is back! This can be rectified by calling the company up and demanding either your money back or having them come out to fix the problem. If that number that they left doesn’t work then you know you have been scammed.

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