How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Your Carpet
How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Your Carpet

The Quickest ways to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet
We’ve all been there, it’s Friday night – the kids are safely tucked up in bed and after a long week in work and running round doing school runs the only thing that will allow your hectic week fade into the distance is a few glasses of red wine. (The good stuff of course!)

So you pop out to the local supermarket and treat yourself to that bottle of wine, head back home and search for something to watch on the TV to help you srcax. Time to settle down, the wine is open and you’re half way through your first glass when disaster strikes!

It always happens in slow motion doesn’t it, somehow you knock the glass over onto your carpet and before you can even take it in your pristine cream carpet is slowly changing to a not so wonderful dark shade of red!

DISASTER!!!! So how on earth do you tackle this one? We’ll tell you:

  • Don’t panic – the more time you spend panicking the less time you have to tackle that stain and at this point time is of the essence!
  • We wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you again so please remove the bottle and the glass (you can go back to it later to calm your nerves!)
  • Run to the kitchen and grab the following:- quite a few cloths and some white wine.
  • Start by blotting the stain with the cloths, you need to work quickly or the only alternative will be to re-arrange your living room in an attempt to forget this whole nightmare ever happened!
  • Press that cloth right into the stain, stand on it with a clean shoe if you have to!
  • Now for the magic! Take the white wine and carefully pour it over the stain, there’s a bit of science to this but basically the white neutralises the red!
  • New piece of cloth and blot again!
  • Hold your breath and maybe pray it works!


Removing Red Wine stains – What next?

OK so you’ve got no wine left and you’ve used almost a whole bottle of white but at least the stain is disappearing, although you sit and stare at it for the next hour or so to really believe it might actually be vanishing!
If it’s not completely gone then maybe it’s time to  admit defeat -(you tried your best) and give us a
call here , we’ll tackle it professionally and believe us you’ll only drink white wine for the foreseeable future because every time you see a bottle of red you’ll remember this night!

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