Spring furniture cleaning in Liverpool
Spring furniture cleaning in Liverpool

How clean is your couch?
Spring is well underway, so the daffodils are out in abundance and people up and down the country are vanquishing the winter dust with a good spring clean.

If you are one of those people, have you by any chance considered that part of your spring clean could, and perhaps should, include furniture cleaning in Liverpool?

Liverpool residents contact us this time of year to help them out with their spring cleans by tackling the jobs they don’t have time for, they don’t like or that they are unable to manage. As an upholstery cleaner in Liverpool, our furniture steam cleaner is already getting a lot of use.

Looking for an upholstery cleaner in Liverpool?

Furniture can be as difficult to deep clean as a carpet, if you take the DIY approach. A fabric couch, for example, probably gets used more regularly than any item or furniture in your home other than your mattress and very possibly gets a deep clean just as infrequently.

We handle furniture cleaning in Liverpool for people who recognise the benefits of getting items like sofas and mattresses deep cleaned on a regular basis for health and hygiene purposes.

Our state-of-the-art furniture steam cleaner allows us to eradicate all dirt, germs and stains from your furniture and carpets without the use of chemicals, which is particularly important when the items we are cleaning are ones that you spend a lot of your time sitting or lying on.

Chemical free means eco friendly , as well as non-toxic to the body.

So if you are looking for a spring furniture cleaning in Liverpool we could well be exactly the team you need.

Easter holiday furniture cleaning in Liverpool

If you’re taking some time off work to spend with the kids over the Easter holiday, why not use that time to have us come round with our upholstery cleaner? Liverpool is looking decidedly sunnier than it has been and we don’t want you to miss the good weather by, not to mention the family time, by spending your time off indoors.

By booking us for carpet or furniture cleaning in Liverpool you free up your own time. You can play in the garden with the kids, then come back inside to a spotless sofa!

The method we use for furniture cleaning in Liverpool is 100% chemical free, your furniture will be safe to use right away and ready to use as soon as it dries. That means it’s completely safe for us to work in a home with children and pets and that you don’t have to worry about them breathing in chemicals.

We only use water. We turn up with our own power supply and our own steam cleaner and you get a great job for a low price. That is why we are already known as the best upholstery cleaner in Liverpool.

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