Freshness for Spring; Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool
Freshness for Spring; Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool is so easy when you contact us
As the seasons are soon to change you are going to be having a Spring clean, help yourself by hiring The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner. Get a fresh looking and smelling carpet for the new season. Carpet cleaning in Liverpool is sounding like the right choice already isn’t it?

After what seems to have felt like the longest winter, have you thought about all the wet and dirt that has been trapsed through your home and into your carpet? It may not be clr to see but that will be because it has been absorbed and sunk into the carpet and all its fibres, the time when you will notice the difference is when you see what we can do when I get your carpets from old to new.


Save yourself the hassle and the money

When it comes to carpet cleaning I understand that not everyone is a fan, but I am, it’s my job and it is what I love to do, so the solution is simple really, all you need to do is book me in to clean your carpets and I will be there to carry out the best carpet cleaning in Liverpool!

Not only do I believe that my eco friendly carpet cleaning method produces the best results but for the prices you will pay for The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner, you would be mad not to want to let your carpets be cleaned by us!

We want to do what is best by our customers and if that means low prices, offers and promotions then so be it! Over the past few months we have had an offer of 4 carpets for

£99, fantastic right? Well this offer is one you will find carried on over the new couple of months as well, not only that but you can get your hall stairs and landing cleaned for just £39.99.

One last thing about our prices, we aren’t one of the companies who are going to turn up and overcharge you or overestimate how much it is going to cost, you can find out for yourself. By visiting you will be able to find out the total price of how much your cleaning job is going to cost, what we say on the website is what you will be charged on the day.


Come on, hire The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

We can guarantee that by getting your carpets cleaned professionally you will be doing not only yourself but your carpets a massive favour. You will feel the benefits as you will be able to look at your carpets as if they are brand new again, you can walk in your bare feet and enjoy the soft feel of your carpets and due to our eco friendly steam cleaning method the carpets will have a fresh smell.

Your carpets will also be benefitted as they will be cleaner and stronger, as we do not use any toxic chemicals to clean your carpets this helps them last longer so you won’t have to worry about getting your carpets replaced for a long time, that is only if you are getting a premium carpet cleaning in Liverpool service by The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner of course.

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4 Carpets for only £89.99

Yes folks, we'll clean 4 carpets for only £89.99.

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Hall stairs and landing now only £39.99 folks! Get in quick.

3 Rooms + Stairs + Landing £99

Call us now 0151 601 5270