FAQs / What if I’m not totally satisfied with the service that has been provided by TLCC?

First of all you need to contact us straight away in order for us to address your problem as quickly as possible, we offer a maximum of 7 days to get in touch 0151 601 5270 from the moment the service has been carried out, but if you have any immediate concerns at all then please contact us straight away without delay, please don’t wait for 7 days and think your problem will get better on it’s own, give us a call and we can help or give you advise.

We have been in the business long enough to know that carpets and furniture can get dirty again within 7 minutes of us cleaning, so for us to offer our customers a 7 day complaints procedure is our confidence in the service we provide.

Please note: once this time frame has elapsed we won’t be held responsible for any grievance you may have, you have 7 days from the moment we provide any service to get in touch and you will immediately become our number 1 priority! (Not 8 days or 14 days or one month later) 7 DAYS ONLY!

You won’t find any many cleaning companies offering this unique 7 day complains procedure….so it’s up to you to make sure we carry out the service you paid for and that you are just one of our many happy customers.

No one is perfect in this world of ours and we fully understand that, that’s why we also offer an additional 100% money back guarantee if your still not happy with our efforts to rectify your cleaning problem. (This apply’s to the 7 day complaint procedure only)

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