FAQs / How long will my carpet or upholstery take to dry and how soon will it be before it can be used again?

Carpet drying times will depend on many different conditions, including how soiled the carpets were prior to being cleaned, how much moisture is used in the cleaning process, outside weather conditions, indoor humidity, material being cleaned, the list is endless however, in most cases, carpets should be dry within 4-10 hours if following our instructions. However in all cases it is imperative to ventilate the areas cleaned and if your getting your carpets cleaned between October-March you must have a controlled heating environment to aid the drying process (no exceptions).

If drying times are a concern to you please mention it to the Eco-steam clean representative prior to booking, we can provide high powered drying fans to quicken the drying process (additional charges apply) please advise prior to booking.

Rug drying times are similar to shag carpet piled carpets, Around 24 hours in colder months and a lot less in the summer months, heating switched on and ventilation is a must.

Sofa drying times vary from 4- 24 hours, heating must be switched on before and after in the home prior to sofa cleaning in the months Oct-March, optional in other months.

Please note: Woollen carpets and shag piled carpets can hold moisture for much longer periods due to the natural fibres in the woollen carpet and a longer pile on the shag pile carpet. High powered fans are strongly advised for long or shag pile carpets for months Oct-March.

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