I’m the best Carpet Cleaner in Liverpool

OK, so it’s clr to me and my competitors that I’m the best in Liverpool at cleaning carpets, rugs, leather couches etc, but it’s likely you’ll have some questions to shoot at me. Below are some of the most popular, but if you have another just call me.

How often should my carpet be cleaned?

In our opinion its recommend that carpets are professionally steam cleaned by a qualified BICs cleaning expert, like eco-steam clean every 6-12 months. Regular carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet and save you money in the long term.

I have stains on my carpet, is there anything I can do before calling Eco-steam clean? “Save myself money”

Yes, we give free home remedy cleaning tips for anyone wishing to carry out stain removal on their own, it won’t be anywhere near as professional as when we do it, but it’s your carpet. Free stain removal tips

What’s the difference between toxic chemicals and bio-degradable products?

The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner will always choose the safer eco-friendly option when cleaning, we don’t believe it’s necessary to use toxic chemicals in the home.

Does TLCC use chemicals to clean?

In most cases the best cleaning results are achieved using steam in one form or another. Eco-steam clean will use steam and environmentally-friendly cleaning products that bio-degrade during the cleaning process. We will always work to the highest levels of health and safety and don’t believe in using toxic chemicals, If you have asthma or are chemically sensitive, have pets or small children, toxic chemicals are certainly not what you want in your home. We are the only 100% eco-friendly cleaning company in the Liverpool.

I have children and pets, will they be affected by your cleaning processes?

Health and safety is paramount to a company like eco-steam clean. Our 100% eco friendly cleaning products are natural so won’t affect kids or pets. Eco-steam clean will always ensure that the srcevant health and safety procedures are carried out. It is highly recommended that children and pets stay away from our hot pipes, but other than that we are the safest option for carpet cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my furnishings?

We can clean an average lounge carpet in around 20 minutes, a 3 piece sofa in around 45 minutes but our answer is always “we will stop cleaning when it’s clean”

How long will my carpet or upholstery take to dry and how soon will it be before it can be used again?

Carpet drying times will depend on many different conditions, including how soiled the carpets were prior to being cleaned, how much moisture is used in the cleaning process, outside weather conditions, indoor humidity, material being cleaned, the list is endless however, in most cases, carpets should be dry within 4-10 hours if following our instructions. However in all cases it is imperative to ventilate the areas cleaned and if your getting your carpets cleaned between October-March you must have a controlled heating environment to aid the drying process (no exceptions).

If drying times are a concern to you please mention it to the Eco-steam clean representative prior to booking, we can provide high powered drying fans to quicken the drying process (additional charges apply) please advise prior to booking.

Rug drying times are similar to shag carpet piled carpets, Around 24 hours in colder months and a lot less in the summer months, heating switched on and ventilation is a must.

Sofa drying times vary from 4- 24 hours, heating must be switched on before and after in the home prior to sofa cleaning in the months Oct-March, optional in other months.

Please note: Woollen carpets and shag piled carpets can hold moisture for much longer periods due to the natural fibres in the woollen carpet and a longer pile on the shag pile carpet. High powered fans are strongly advised for long or shag pile carpets for months Oct-March.

What furniture do you move?

In your Lounge area we will move your sofa and chairs, coffee table and dining table, In your bedroom we will move your bed only, please make sure there is nothing under or on top of your bed for ease of cleaning, everything else is your responsibility to make safe. We strongly recommend you making safe anything that can be knocked over. i.e. vases or lamps etc.

Please remember this is your home or property and your responsibility to make safe any valuable possessions. You have invited us to clean in your property so please make sure our line of passage and cleaning areas are obstacle free.

When can I put my throw over my sofa again?

Not until the sofa is 100% completely dry, some wadding and sponge areas in your sofa can hold moisture for several days, this may feel and look completely dry but it’s not, we recommend waiting for 3-4 days before using your throw over. (See drying times for more information)

The best way to describe it, imagine when you have just washed a tee-shirt and if you laid it on the ground and covered it with a blanket, the tee-shirt would smell, wouldn’t it …so DON’T be tempted to put a throw on until the sofa is fully dry.

Can i put a rug or anything else over my newly cleaned carpet?

NO, not until the carpet is 100% completely dry, some carpets can take longer to dry than others and some carpets like woollen carpets or heavy shag style carpets hold moisture for 3-4 times longer than say your standard short pile or loop carpet, your carpet may feel and look completely dry but it’s not, we recommend waiting for 3-4 days at least before placing any mats or rugs over your newly cleaned carpet. (See drying times for more information) please note that baby laying mats can and could ruin your carpet if leaving on your carpet before the carpet is fully dry. (The plastic cover acts like a green house over your carpet)

Does The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner kill all dust mites in my carpet?

Yes… our cleaning system will kill all dust mites no matter what fabric we clean, carpet, sofa, rug, mattress and we will also exterminate all fleas and lice.

What if I’m not totally satisfied with the service that has been provided by TLCC?

First of all you need to contact us straight away in order for us to address your problem as quickly as possible, we offer a maximum of 7 days to get in touch 0151 601 5270 from the moment the service has been carried out, but if you have any immediate concerns at all then please contact us straight away without delay, please don’t wait for 7 days and think your problem will get better on it’s own, give us a call and we can help or give you advise.

We have been in the business long enough to know that carpets and furniture can get dirty again within 7 minutes of us cleaning, so for us to offer our customers a 7 day complaints procedure is our confidence in the service we provide.

Please note: once this time frame has elapsed we won’t be held responsible for any grievance you may have, you have 7 days from the moment we provide any service to get in touch and you will immediately become our number 1 priority! (Not 8 days or 14 days or one month later) 7 DAYS ONLY!

You won’t find any many cleaning companies offering this unique 7 day complains procedure….so it’s up to you to make sure we carry out the service you paid for and that you are just one of our many happy customers.

No one is perfect in this world of ours and we fully understand that, that’s why we also offer an additional 100% money back guarantee if your still not happy with our efforts to rectify your cleaning problem. (This apply’s to the 7 day complaint procedure only)

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