Every Carpet Has A Unique Personality

Every Carpet Has A Unique Personality
Normal people may not know this but it’s an actual fact that every carpet has it’s own personality. Over the years The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner has come to understand the ins and outs of the carpet psyche and although it would be far too complicated to explain to those without the gift we can reveal that certain coloured carpets have certain attributes. Just like people, carpets have characters. For example, a black carpet will loyally soak up any spill or stain it can and pretend it never happened. It wants you to be able look upon it and be happy and have many years with you. The patterned carpet is a kind of comme ci, comme ça carpet. It wears well but if you accidentally knock your glass of red wine on the wrong part of the design it hold it against you forever!  A white carpet thinks it is Don Juan! Don’t expect to actually ‘live’ in your home because the white carpet will not be pleased!

Golden Globes Red Carpet Rebels!

If you watched the Golden Globes on Sunday then you will have seen all the glitz and glamour that Hollywood has to offer. This year however the designer dresses, high heeled shoes and snazzy tuxedos had some of their attention stolen by a formidable foe. The Red Carpet! Not as forgiving as a black carpet, not as showboating as a white one, the red carpet is elegant and regal. This once mild mannered floor covering has been used by the rich and powerful since the beginning of history and on Sunday night it had had enough. The Golden Globes red carpet made a stand and sent a message out for all other red carpets; we are not a side show, we are the main event!

Just before Tinsletown’s best were due to strut their stuff down the underappreciated red carpet it began to seep with liquid. The reports in the papers will say the liquid was water, from a burst mains pipe or that the heat from a lamp set the sprinklers off but our inside knowledge tells us the liquid was tears. Carpet tears. Workers at the Beverly Hilton frantically mopped up all they could before the stars arrived, saving the fashion parade. But has anyone actually learned anything from this?

With this story in mind we hope you look at your carpets a little differently. Do you give them all the love they deserve? Do your personalities clash? Are they in need of a little pick me up? A good, deep steam clean is like a spa treatment for them!




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