End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool
End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

Is the end of your tenancy agreement approaching or are you a landlord who is expecting tenants to move into your rented property shortly? If so, you’re going to need the place to be in perfect condition but who has the time to do this? Especially as a busy landlord and moving out can be quite chaotic! It’s important that you’re a model tenant and leave a property in a condition that you would like to move into. Likewise it’s also important as a landlord that your property meets a comfortable and livable standard, and it’s also good to make a great first impression. This means having your property cleaned from top to bottom and sparkling. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, then The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner can help with end of tenancy carpet cleaning. Cleaning carpets is a big chore, but not for us!

Professional Carpet Cleaning For Rented Properties

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Carpets bring comfort and warmth to a home, but not if they’re stained and infested with dust mites. Nobody wants to sink their feet into dirty carpets and it doesn’t look good to prospective tenants viewing your property. Professional carpet cleaning by The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner is super effective and affordable and will make all the difference to the look of a property, so it’s certainly worthwhile getting the experts in to freshen up a property ready for new tenants.

You may think a simple wipe down will do the job but have you thought about how much dust gathers on your carpets and how hard it can be to remove tough set in stains with a simple household cleaning solution? We guarantee you’ll be there for hours and won’t achieve half the result of professional carpet cleaning .

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to clean carpets . It involves restoring carpets to their original, brand new condition and not just removing surface stains. We get deep beneath the fibres of the carpet and remove all kinds of stains, dust and dirt using only natural methods. Our steam cleaning machines are gentle but thorough enough to remove stains that have been there for a while, and eradicate pesky dust mites.

If your carpets appear to be unsalvageable and you’re considering ripping them out and buying brand new carpets, stop right there! We could save you a lot of money and time by keeping your existing carpets and restoring them to a brand new state with our end of tenancy carpet cleaning service.

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It’s not just carpets that need to be spick and span when leaving a property or before new tenants move in, the furniture also needs to clean and comfortable. We can achieve the same results with furniture as we do with carpets. Sofas, chairs and any other upholstery can be thoroughly cleaned to leave them looking and smelling fresh.

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If a tenancy agreement is coming to an end don’t lose your deposit due to uncleanliness or waste any time preparing the property yourself. Instead, call The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner today on 0151 601 5270 for professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning.



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