Carpet Cleaning Done Right; Environmental Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Done Right; Environmental Carpet Cleaning

Don’t just choose carpet cleaning, choose environmental carpet cleaning
As a professional carpet cleaner I know what I am saying when I say you should choose environmental carpet cleaning, yes of course I am biased because it is what I specialise in but there are so many reasons as to why eco friendly carpet cleaning is a better method of cleaning carpets than just normally, with no eco friendly methods.

It is important to know that just because I do things different by using steam cleaning which is the eco friendly method that it is and I am still highly professional and an expert at my job. I can guarantee the best results when cleaning your carpets, you can believe me by taking my word or you can actually see for yourself the difference my steam clean method makes.


Why you should choose environmental carpet cleaning

I believe it is important for you to know what the best benefits are to environmental carpet cleaning and why you should choose The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner the next time you want your carpets professionally cleaned.

  • Save Time – When it comes to environmental carpet cleaning and with our method being steam cleaning, as it is a low moisture that is used it only takes up to one hour to dry whereas a normal carpet cleaning method can and would take much longer because they do not use the low moisture.
  • Cost Effective – It saves a lot of money cleaning your carpets with being eco-friendly, this is because no soaps or detergents are used to clean the carpets, therefore it means you don’t have to pay for these extras which means more money for you.
  • Bio Degradable – With other methods of cleaning where the chemicals are non biodegradable, eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods are bio degradable. All of the materials that are used in cleaning the carpet through an eco method pose no danger to the environment.
  • Keeps Your Carpet Strong – Eco carpet cleaning can be used on any carpets and because no dangerous chemicals are involved your carpet won’t be damaged and the eco-friendly cleaning method actually keeps the fibres in the carpet strong meaning your carpet will last longer than it would if it was cleaned without the eco method.
  • Health Benefits – As there are no dangerous chemicals being used you won’t inhale anything dangerous which could affect your health. Chemicals that are used normally for cleaning carpets aren’t seen as safe for pets or children, some people won’t believe this as the chemicals are not visible therefore no damage can be seen but what is the point in chancing it when you could hire an eco friendly carpet cleaner like me?
  • Prevents Substantial Moisture – Due to our method being low moisture of wetting this will benefit your carpets dramatically! If you carpet was left too wet for too long and not dried immediately it can cause substantial moisture within the carpet and this is not good and definitely not something you want either.  
  • A Pleasant Smell – As you know, we don’t use chemicals and this is good as your freshly cleaned carpet won’t smell chemically, it will smell fresh and pleasant as the products we use are organic, the fresh smell will also last for a longer period of time.


Go Green, go to The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

By choosing me to clean your carpets you can openly say you have done your bit to help the planet, it will be the truth because it is exactly what you will be doing, you have made the choice to go green by getting environmental carpet cleaning, so go on, do your bit to boast about, get in touch now.



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