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Cleaning the Dirty Carpets of Liverpool and…. Springfield Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool and far away

I mentioned in a previous post that I was off to clean The Simpsons carpets, well to my surprise they were only the real Simpsons, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and good old Homer himself!

I arrived a number 742 Evergreen Terrace only for some little boy to shout Haaa Haaa, it was like being back in Waterloo! Anyway, Marge opened the door and pointed at the carpet…yikes….Homer has only gone and invited everyone round to watch illegal boxing and the carpet was covered in beer, chocolate and chips (crisps to me and you).


How I cleaned that Dirty Carpet

Using only non-toxic cleaning fluids I got to work, and before you could say Doh, there carpet was clean again. We can clean carpet stains like beer and chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate ;)


It’s all a joke really 🙂

*As you can guess by now we have a sense of humour here  @ The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner and this story is made up. If you would like to book us and hear us whistle the theme tune of The Simpsons, call us on 0151 607 5272 and we’ll quote you happy.


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