Best Way to Clean Carpets: Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Best Way to Clean Carpets: Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Who better than the carpet experts to ask the question: what is the best way to clean your carpets, professional steam cleaning or at home vacuuming?

We believe in having the cleanest carpets in Liverpool and we want to show you the best way to keep your carpets clean and explain why it could be worth hiring professionals regularly to keep your carpets cleaner for longer.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

DIY at home cleaning has been the method of carpet cleaning for a long time with vacuums appearing on the market over one hundred years ago. It is usually thought to be the cheaper option, and the most thorough, as nothing beats your own elbow grease and handy work, right? Wrong!

Although on the surface vacuuming appears to have rid your carpets of dirt and dust, a lot more lies beneath the fibres of your lovely carpets, unseen by the naked eye. Domestic carpet cleaning methods are a great quick fix, but you will soon find yourself doing the same chore a few days or even a day later and the novelty of seeing your handy work will soon fade.

These days we are bombarded with new ways of domestic carpet cleaning from powerful, cordless vacuums to at home steam cleaners but with these new, innovative machines come super high prices. Domestic carpet cleaning has changed over the years and has become more and more expensive. Why break the bank on heavy duty machines that do not produce thorough results and waste your own time and energy on this chore?

We believe professional carpet cleaning can save you time, money and energy and here’s why…

Professional Carpet Cleaning

steam carpet cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned by professionals will leave your carpets thoroughly clean, fresh and hygienic as we can also eradicate dust mites. If your carpets are in desperate need of a deep clean, regular domestic carpet cleaning will not achieve the results you desire as you need to get deep beneath the fibres and remove set in stains.

There is no better way to remove tough stains than with our steam cleaning technology. Do not underestimate the power of steam, it is gentle yet effective. Our experts at The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner use steam to lift away stains efficiently.

With one sweep of our steam cleaner you will see amazing results with no sign that we have been as it is quick drying with no strong smells lingering around your home. We will save you time, money, energy and even water and electricity as we use our own!

Our results are long lasting and regular visits from The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner will retain the quality of your carpets meaning it will be a long time before you replace them.

Professional Carpet Cleaning by The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

There you have it, professional carpet cleaning is the way forward but don’t take our word for it, take a look at why more and more people are switching to professional carpet cleaning and why they are choosing The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner as their number one carpet cleaners…

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