Back to School House Cleaning
Back to School House Cleaning

The kids being off for six weeks can take its toll on the cleanliness of your home. With muddy feet and sticky fingers making their way through your lovely carpets and furniture your home can seem like it’s been tipped upside down by the end of the summer holidays. With no time to clean throughout the summer holidays and now that it’s time to go back to school and work you may be wondering when you’ll see your home clean again. Don’t despair as The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner can have your home fresh and clean by the time the kids return to school with our house cleaning services.

Our house cleaning services can have your home spic and span for the new season ahead.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in particular suffer a lot when children are in the home and with them spending more time at home than usual, there’s likely to be more wear and tear as they trod their muddy feet throughout the house. Dirt can be trodden deep into the fibres of the carpet which makes it difficult to clean using only a sponge and regular household cleaning solutions. To really freshen up your carpets and to see a big difference in their appearance you need a powerful but gentle method of carpet cleaning which only The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner can provide.

Don’t underestimate the power of steam cleaning as it’s much more effective than cleaning solutions which are filled with chemicals. We want to preserve the quality of your carpets whilst thoroughly removing dirt and stains, and our steam cleaning machine allows us to do this. It lifts dirt from beneath the fibres and exposes the carpets true bright colour making it appear brand new again.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the difference we made to this carpet below.

Before and after carpet cleaning in Liverpool


Furniture Cleaning

Your lovely furniture can become battered by the end of the school holidays. If your kids have used your sofa as a trampoline or they’ve had their muddy shoes all over it, maybe even spilled a few drinks on it, don’t worry as all can be rectified with our furniture cleaning service . No stain is too set in for us as we can remove tough stubborn stains using the same method we use for carpet cleaning. We’re also able to get in hard to reach areas and remove any dirt, dust and debris that has been gathering for a while in your sofa. We can also do the same for other types of furniture such as dining room chairs to restore your whole home back to freshness.

We don’t believe in throwing out furniture as we’re sure that all they need is a bit of TLC from The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner as our method of cleaning works wonders on tired, old furniture.

before and after furniture cleaning in Liverpool


House Cleaning Services in Liverpool

Here at The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner we’ll clean all of your carpets, sofas, chairs, rugs and any other upholstery to give you a more fresh, sterile and healthy home for your family to live in. Now is a great time to get your home in order as your family goes back to school and work, so let us give you a helping hand with this. Call us today on 0771 949 4768 to book our house cleaning services.


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