Are You In Need Of A Carpet Cleaning For The New Year?
Are You In Need Of A Carpet Cleaning For The New Year?

Are You in Need of Carpet Cleaning For The New Year?
Now the festive season is over is time to get back to normal and that means your house to, but more importantly, so we have a question for you, is carpet cleaning for the New Year something you are going to be needing?

Whether you were fortunate enough or not to grab our offer of getting 4 carpets cleaned for £99 before Christmas you don’t have to worry about it because we are here now and our prices are set at a great rate to please you.

Over Christmas and New Year you no doubt had lots of people coming round whether it was to pass presents on, to come for dinner, to have a drink, whatever it was your carpet felt it all! All those people walking through the lounge with their shoes on which have just came in from the wet, dirty outside paths. Them drinks that was knocked over or a drop was spilt out of the glass. What about all the food, crumbs have got a sneaky way of getting to the base of your carpets. Think about the little bits of wrapping paper that has found somewhere to hide. The pines from the Christmas tree and the glitter from all the decorations?

It’s clr to say and no doubt see your carpet has been through a lot in December.

At The Liverpool Carpet Cleaner we love to please our customers and give them the best results and this is what we do, provide the best service in carpet cleaning and customer service. We are proud of the work we do and we would love to show you what we can do if you let us clean your carpets this New Year, your carpets will look like new again, they will bring the freshness and brightness back into your house.  

We understand January is a busy month getting back into routine and preparing for the year ahead but we are quick and efficient when it comes to carpet cleaning, we are also closer than you think! We cover many areas and we guarantee one of them areas will be yours.

You can either take our word for how good we are which has been proven by some of our other lovely customers on our website or you can give us a call yourself and let us give you the carpet cleaning for the New Year that you need. No carpet is too dirty for us, the dirtier the better, we love a challenge and we love to see the look on your face when we restore your carpet back to it’s original look, you’ll be amazed with what we can do with your carpets.

4 Carpets for only £89.99

Yes folks, we'll clean 4 carpets for only £89.99.

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Hall stairs and landing now only £39.99 folks! Get in quick.

3 Rooms + Stairs + Landing £99

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